The PPO & Surge Capacity: A Different Type of 'Insurance'

by John J. Burke -

The reverberations from last month's Washington, D.C., Metro crash were heard throughout the country - and set off a silent "security alarm" of sorts in the Town of Sandwich, Massachusetts, where emergency planners had their own good reasons for paying special attention.

Security Planning for Major Events

by Joseph Watson & Joseph Trindal -

The template is there, in the Secret Service after-action reports on previous NSSEs. So are the Guidelines, issued by the Department of Justice. All that state and local emergency managers have to do, therefore, is read, heed, practice - and maybe pray a little.

Emergency Management & Special Events: Challenges, Support, Best Practices

by Kay C. Goss -

There are few if any challenges so daunting to emergency managers than the planning and implementation of the security measures needed to protect the principals and attendees at NSSEs and other highly publicized events. The greatest success occurs when nothing happens.

Vigilant Guard 2009

Iowa, Kansas and Puerto Rico held annual Vigilant Guard training exercises.

Kids Encouraged to Participate in Disaster Preparedness

by C. Todd Lopez Army Morale, Welfare & Recreation -

Ensuring families are prepared for emergencies is one of the roles of the Army Protection Division, & it does so through the Ready Army program. This year, the Ready Army program is sponsoring a new program, "Prepared Kids," the aim of which is to get younger family members involved in the discussion about how to be ready for disasters.

Virginia Guard Conducts Hurricane Preparedness Exercise

by Maj. Cotton Puryear, Virginia Guard Public Affairs -

The Virginia National Guard conducted a four-day hurricane preparedness exercise at the State Military Reservation in Virginia Beach with the goal of improving the Virginia Guard's ability to plan and carry out domestic operations in conjunction with state agencies and local first responders.

Wisconsin (The Adjutant General) TAG Holds e-town Hall

by Courtesy of Wisconsin National Guard -

The online town hall session is one of the methods the Wisconsin National Guard is using to communicate with internal and external audiences.

The Now Possible Dream: Communications Interoperability

by Kay C. Goss -

Firefighters, policemen, EMS technicians, & other first responders agree that one of their biggest on-the-job difficulties has been their inability to communicate with their counterparts from other jurisdictions. That huge capabilities "gap" may soon be closed, thanks to improved technology and better planning.

NLE-09: A Major Test for the Obama Administration

by Dennis R. Schrader -

The former TOPOFF domestic-preparedness exercises designed to test the capabilities and fortitude of the U.S. defense/DHS hierarchy have evolved into a new format - which the nation's new commander in chief will meet face to face next month.

NIMS: Not a Once and Done Proposition

by Stephen Grainer -

The "revolutionary era" of U.S. homeland security started with the terrorist attacks of 11 September 2001. A new era, focused on the maintenance and upgrading of hard-earned responder skills, is about to begin.