Coordination and Command Policies for Mass Evacuations

by Kay C. Goss -

When unexpected disaster strikes, many citizens head for the high ground. But they will not get there if state & local leaders have not agreed, ahead of time, on the policies to be implemented, the routes to be followed, & the safety rules to be enforced.

Reducing the AN Threat: Congress Acts to Prevent Murrah Bombing Repeat

by Joseph Steger -

A commonly used agricultural compound, ammonium nitrate (AN), was the principal ingredient in the homemade "weapon" used in the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing. After years of debate and delay, AN is finally coming under much tighter government control.

The Management of Mass-Fatality Incidents

by August Vernon -

Reverence, respect, professional expertise, and detailed planning - all are among the essential tools needed by state and local planners to successfully deal with the aftermath of a major disaster causing a large number of deaths and injuries.

COTPs Updating Port Plans to Combat Maritime Terrorism

by Christopher Doane & Joseph DiRenzo III -

U.S. ports and harbors are among the most vulnerable as well as most important targets for would-be terrorists. Protection of the U.S. maritime system is therefore now the primary mission of the Coast Guard's already overtaxed Captains of the Port.

Security Protocols at Emergency Shelters

by Kay C. Goss -

The care and feeding of thousands of sudden evacuees is a massive responsibility. Even more daunting in some respects is the need to adhere to the numerous guidelines mandated by FEMA, state & local governments, & unforeseeable practical realities.

The MMRS: A Major But Under-Utilized Asset

by Glen Rudner -

The HHS-sponsored Metropolitan Medical Response System is frequently overlooked by state and local decision makers faced with the daunting task of coping with a biological "incident" or event. The MMRS guidelines provide some if not all of the answers.

The Registered Traveler Program: Faster Passenger Screening? Or a Security Loophole?

by Joseph Steger -

The TSA-vetted Registered Traveler program is designed to reduce waiting time at U.S. airports and for that reason should be well received by frequent flyers. Is there a hidden flaw in the program, though? Read here to find out.

A New NIMS Challenge: Train to Compliance, or Train for Competence?

by Stephen Grainer -

Should a state train its first responders to meet federally-mandated "compliance" criteria (and thereby become eligible for future funding), or to develop true/new operational capabilities?

The Vile and Versatile Internet: A New Tool for the Cyber-Savvy Terrorist

by Joseph Steger -

The well educated Islamic fundamentalist knows that the Internet is just as useful as truck bombs & passenger aircraft in killing Western infidels of all ages, ideologies, & political persuasions.

Licensing Standards for Emergency Shelters

by Kay C. Goss -

Hurricane Katrina was the largest post-emergency sheltering operation in U.S. history - which implemented some common-sense guidelines that state and local governments can use to build, manage, and pay for their own emergency shelters.