USMA's CTC Addresses Global Terrorism Threat

by Christopher Doane and Joseph DiRenzo III -

West Point's Combating Terrorism Center plays a key role as U.S. colleges and universities upgrade their curricula to meet the new challenges of the 21st century.

ASTM-E 2458: A Mandatory Sample of Common Sense

by Jason Pastuch -

HazMat and EMS technicians across the nation will be working from the same text, thanks to new biological-sampling techniques developed by the American Society for Testing and Materials.

Lethal New Ingredients in the IED Inventory

by Glen Rudner -

While U.S. hazardous-materials response teams are still learning to cope with early-model improvised explosive devices, upgraded "new" versions are being developed that pose an even greater challenge.

Interdicting a Suspected Suicide-Homicide Bomber

by Joseph Steger -

Terrorist suicide-homicide bomber attacks used to be isolated incidents; in Iraq they are now daily occurrences. The same rare-to-frequent pattern may soon hit the United States, & police agencies should be, but are not, prepared to handle such attacks.

Port Security Exercises and Training: A Formidable Curriculum

by Joseph DiRenzo III and Christopher Doane -

PortSTEP is the latest member of a growing family of exercise & training programs mandated to ensure that first-responder agencies are fully prepared to meet the ever-increasing challenges posed by terrorist attacks & mass-casualty events.

MCCs and the Financing of Interoperability Solutions

by Gary Simpson -

The acquisition and operation of multipurpose high-tech communications systems is one of the more important goals of U.S. decision makers at all levels of government. The cost of these systems, though, is beyond the reach of many smaller cities.

APHL Position Statement: Field Testing Kits, Devices Must Be Validated

by Chris N. Mangal -

The Association of Public Health Laboratories says, without proper validation, field tests of suspected biological and/or chemical agents might yield either false positives or, worse, false negatives & therefore would be, "dangerously misleading."

Four Ways for Hospitals to Prepare for HICS IV Now

by Paul Dimitruk -

U.S. hospitals have less than 18 months to upgrade their emergency preparedness & response capabilities to the levels mandated by the National Incident Management System. The task is a daunting one, & resources are limited, that challenge must be met.

Upping the Ante Through Fusion Center Technology

by Herbert C. Dodson -

A high-level national-security unit created in the aftermath of 9-11 is a major component of the National Criminal Intelligence Sharing program linking federal, state, and local law-enforcement agencies in a coordinated effort to deter future attacks.

Guarding the Great Lakes: Athena and the Northern Maritime Border Initiative

by Christopher Doane and Joseph DiRenzo III -

Most U.S. border-security funding is allocated to protection of the nation's southern border with Mexico, but protection of the U.S. maritime border with Canada is equally important, if not more so, and in many respects a much more daunting challenge.