Ensuring Preparedness: The Risk-Management Approach

by Timothy Beres -

States seeking federal preparedness assistance funds must first submit highly specific preparedness reports - which is easier said than done. A "gap analysis" is needed, several important questions must be answered, and periodic tests must be scheduled.

Public Safety and Pandemic Influenza - Planning for the Inevitable

by Mary Beth Michos -

Many Americans think the threat of a pandemic flu is over, so have let down their guard. But it isn't, and they should not have. It could strike suddenly, move fast, over a wide area, and wreak death and destruction throughout the entire world.

CONTOMS: The Attributes of Excellence

by Joseph Steger -

In the field of training, the Counter Narcotics and Terrorism Medical Support program, transferred in 2004 from DOD to DHS, has no peer in preparing its graduates to operate in dangerous and unstable environments.

The MOTR Process - Ensuring Unity of Effort in Maritime Security

by Joseph DiRenzo III and Christopher Doane -

Protection of the U.S. maritime domain against terrorist threats "from the sea" requires not only cooperation but also a closely coordinated plan of action conscientiously carried out by numerous state, federal, and local agencies working together.

Camera Phones Add a Thousand Words to the Handling of Transportation Incidents

by Rodrigo Moscoso -

Innovative DOT-sponsored program enlists the general public in a camera-phone pilot project that could help significantly not only in coping with major disasters but also in dealing with highway closures and other everyday incidents and inconveniences.

The TRP/ACU 1000: A Major Step Forward in Communications Interoperability

by Brent Bankus -

Numerous first responders, each with a different comm system. And no unit can talk to any of the others. A versatile new multiagency JPS/Raytheon system may be the key to unraveling the Babel of silence at future disaster scenes.

Command Profile: Strengthening the U.S. Army's Helping-Hand Agency

by Brent Bankus -

The U.S. Army's warfighting record speaks for itself - numerous victories and too many heroes to count. The service's peacetime contributions are just as glorious and have contributed significantly to the common good.

FIPS 201 Compliance for State and Local Agencies

by Joseph Watson -

NIMS has spoken, and must be obeyed: A new "common identification standard" for federal employees and contractors is now required. State and local agencies would be well advised to adopt the same standard.

Interview with Dr. Stephen Flynn: The Current State of U.S. Port Security

by Joseph DiRenzo III and Christopher Doane -

Terrorism/counterterrorism expert Dr. Stephen Flynn provides a chilling pre-publication preview of some of the continuing preparedness deficiencies highlighted in his new book, Edge of Disaster.

The Whys and Wherefores of NIMS-Compliant Training

by Stephen Grainer -

The National Incident Management System training guidelines provide an unprecedented opportunity to improve and expand first-responder and emergency-responder capabilities - but some confusion continues about exactly what is required.