Ohio, California and Minnesota

by Anthony Lanzillotti -

A dirty bomb is hidden inside a vessel at a port facility somewhere on Lake Erie. SWAT teams, more than 180 first responders, and a large number of EMS student victims are among the many-splendored participants in an extended counter-terrorism exercise at

Pennsylvania, Massachusettes, Illinois, and Wyoming

by Anthony Lanzillotti -

In this issue: Pennsylvania seeks funds for rural areas. Massachusetts updates biological-warfare defense plans. Illinois awards grants to TechAlt, Midco. Wyoming upgrades its inland-waterways capabilities.

Needed: Revisions to Maritime Response Standard

by Ashley Moore -

NFPA 1405 tells land-based firefighters how to respond to fires aboard ships in port. But some essential details are missing, and should be included in future (revised) editions.

Maryland, Georgia, Arizona, & Mississippi

by Anthony Lanzillotti -

This issue: Maryland focuses on assistance grants; Georgia assigns responsibilities to Homeland Security Task Force; Arizona continues TOPOFF4 planning; and Mississippi provides a full calendar of training options.

Oregon, Nebraska, Tennessee, and Kentucky

by Anthony Lanzillotti -

A major terrorism exercise is scheduled for Portland, Ore., in 2007. Nebraska Medical Center in Omaha takes a long step forward in bioterrorism preparedness. Knox County intersection in Tennessee becomes a featured player in new SensorNet technology test

First-Responder Accreditation: The Pros and Cons

by Ashley Moore -

States, cities, and the federal government are moving at flank speed to upgrade their various, and varying, domestic-preparedness and counterterrorism capabilities. But are they moving in lockstep, and headed toward the same goal? No one knows.

Arkansas, New Jersey and Alaska

by Anthony Lanzillotti -

Featured in this issue: The Arkansas Department of Emergency Management sets an ambitious goal; New Jersey Counter-Terrorism Symposium attracts an all-star audience of preparedness professionals; and Alaska focuses on two major summer exercises.

February 23, 2005 Report

featuring New Jersey, Illinois, Oregon and Georgia

Business Continuity Planning Standards: A Search for Normalcy

by Ashley Moore -

Provides preparedness models that private sector organizations can use when they want to establish their own "internal" organizational standards