Cyber Attacks: The Need for Resiliency

by Thomas Kellerman -

Ability of private businesses & public agencies to resume operations following a major disaster used to be taken for granted. That is no longer the case, particularly since hackers & terrorists discovered the damage that could be caused by modern technolo

CBRNE Attacks at Sea: Time to Revisit the Maritime SAR International

by Ashley Moore -

The next terrorist attacks might be against the U.S. system of ports and waterways, where the nation is most vulnerable.

Virginia, North Carolina, and Wisconsin

by Anthony Lanzillotti -

Virginia develops free emergency resources for business, imposes security fees on incoming oceanborne cargo. North Carolina considers creation of a new bioresearch lab, adds to cutting-edge communications system. Wisconsin adds biological-agent detection

Asymmetric Warfare: Redefining Standard Terms

by Ashley Moore -

Chaos and confusion reign not just on the battlefield but also, particularly in recent times, in policy pronouncements, position papers, and the public consciousness. Principal problem is a proliferation of acronyms meaning almost the same thing - but not

Michigan, New York, Washington, and Florida

by Anthony Lanzillotti -

Michigan plays a perfect game before defending the Great Lakes; New York considers the purchase of an advanced helicopter for firefighting, rescue operations; the state of Washington conducts its first bioterrorism exercise; and Florida sets aside a speci

Oklahoma, Texas, Indiana, and Kansas

by Anthony Lanzillotti -

Oklahoma continues to provide more resources for first responders and counterterrorism personnel; new partnerships in homeland security and emergency preparedness formed in Texas; Indiana agencies address suspicious activity and fraud; Kansas responders g

Missouri, Rhode Island, and Nevada

by Anthony Lanzillotti -

The Missouri Funeral Directors Association wants the federal government to help defray the cost of dealing with contaminated cadavers. Coxiella burnetti plays a starring role in an unusual Spring Weekend event at Brown University in Rhode Island. And the

Ohio, California and Minnesota

by Anthony Lanzillotti -

A dirty bomb is hidden inside a vessel at a port facility somewhere on Lake Erie. SWAT teams, more than 180 first responders, and a large number of EMS student victims are among the many-splendored participants in an extended counter-terrorism exercise at

Pennsylvania, Massachusettes, Illinois, and Wyoming

by Anthony Lanzillotti -

In this issue: Pennsylvania seeks funds for rural areas. Massachusetts updates biological-warfare defense plans. Illinois awards grants to TechAlt, Midco. Wyoming upgrades its inland-waterways capabilities.