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DALLAS FORTWORTH, TEXAS MAY 3, 2004 CONCEPT CONTROLS INC.,an innovative and prominent distributor of quality safety and instrumentationproducts, is pleased to announce an agreement with BAE Systems to market, sell,and distribute its ChemSentry 150C chemical detection system in theUnited States.

The primaryusers market for this product are the Hazardous Material Teams and otheragencies involved in delivering Homeland Security Products and Services, saidMike Segars of Concept Controls Inc. Dallas Fort Worth.

The ChemSentry150C detector system, designed and produced by BAE Systems, is theeal toolfor point chemical detection.  The ChemSentry150C is lightweight, portable and mountable in a variety of applications. The ChemSentry 150C chemical detector samples for the presenceof blood, blister, and nerve vapors under certain conditions. It accumulates, reports, and stores the chemical events in its on-boardmemory.

The ChemSentry150C detector system works with commercially available network interfaces. Remote reporting is accessed by attaching the detector unit into theinterface cradle.  By using anRS-232 port, the detector system also works with standard internet communicationprotocols.

We are pleased tohave the opportunity to offer quality BAE Systems products to our valuedcustomers and partners.

Should you have anyquestions or require additional information regarding the ChemSentry150C, please call our Dallas, Fort Worth corporate office at (817) 292-0591

For Corporateinformation about Concept Controls Inc., please call Jim Yaschuk toll freeat 877-207-2212.