Department of Homeland Security Launches Vendor Information Site for IT Products and Services

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For Immediate ReleasePress OfficeContact: 202-282-8010May 5, 2004

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has created a Vendor InformationSite at https://vendors.dhs.gov to invitebusinesses in the emerging homeland security industry to submit details aboutinformation technology (IT) products and services for enhancing the security ofthe homeland.  This initiative will serve as another step in thedepartment's ongoing effort to harness American ingenuity to developpartnerships with the private sector to research, develop and deploy homelandsecurity technologies that will make America safer.  The department islaunching this site to invite the submission of IT product and servicedescriptions with the potential to broaden the invitation to include allproducts and services.  In addition, the Department of Homeland Security isworking closely with the Small Business Administration and numeroushigh-technology associations to alert small and disadvantaged businesses of thisopportunity.

DHS will retain the information for reference purposes in order to understandIT products and services that may meet emerging requirements throughprocurements undertaken in accordance with the Federal Acquisition Regulationsand other applicable laws.  At the appropriate time, the Department ofHomeland Security may ask for clarification or for further information using thecontacts that vendors provide in their submissions.  Any acceptance ofvendor submissions does not expressly or implicitly represent any commitment toprocure a product or service.

The Department of Homeland Security considers vendor submissions to bevoluntary and, as a matter of general policy, considers the information to beconfidential for internal federal government use only. The submission of anyinformation where the vendor would first have to request that the departmententer into a non-disclosure agreement before submitting such information isdiscouraged.

Vendors are reminded that doing business with DHS is greatly facilitated bytheir entering their company information in the Central Contractor Registration(http://www.ccr.gov).