DHS Launches Protected Critical Infrastructure Information Program to Enhance Homeland Security, Facilitate Information Sharing

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The U.S. Department of Homeland Security announced today the launch of the ProtectedCritical Infrastructure Information (PCII) Program. The PCII Program enables the privatesector to voluntarily submit infrastructure information to the Federal government toassist the Nation in reducing its vulnerability to terrorist attacks.

Critical infrastructure includes the assets and systems that, if disrupted, wouldthreaten our national security, public health and safety, economy, and way of life.  Althoughthese industries, services and systems may be found in both the public and privatesectors, the Department of Homeland Security estimates that more than 85 percent fallswithin the private sector.

Under provisions of the Critical Infrastructure Information Act of 2002 (CII Act),information that is voluntarily submitted per those provisions will be protected frompublic disclosure until and unless a determination is made by the PCII Program Office thatthe information does not meet the requirements for PCII.  If validated as PCII, theinformation will remain exempt from public disclosure. The rule establishing theprocedures for PCII was published this week in the Federal Register. The PCII ProgramOffice is part of Homeland Security's Information Analysis and Infrastructure Protection (IAIP)Directorate and is charged with receiving submissions, determining if the informationqualifies for protection and, if validated, sharing it with authorized entities for use asspecified in the CII Act.  

Initially, the PCII Program Office will limit the sharing of PCII to IAIP analysts. PCII may be used for many purposes, focusing primarily on analyzing and securingcritical infrastructure and protected systems, risk and vulnerabilities assessments, andassisting with recovery as appropriate. The IAIP Directorate plays a critical role insecuring the homeland byentifying and assessing threats and mapping those threatsagainst vulnerabilities such as critical infrastructure.

Effective immediately, members of the public who wish to submit information may do sothrough the PCII Program Office.  

For more information about the PCII Program, or to access the PCII regulation,please visit the PCII Program Office website on www.DHS.gov/pcii.