DHS LAUNCHES SECOND NORTHERN BORDER AIR MARINE BRANCH Fleet includes state-of-the-art surveillance aircraft to increase border security

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News Release

October 8, 2004

PLATTSBURGH, NEW YORK In an event today at Plattsburgh Air Park, theDepartment of Homeland Security (DHS) launched the next phase of its initiativeto maximize security along the U.S.-Canada border.

The Plattsburgh Air and Marine Branch (AMB) is the second facility to augmentDHS Northern border security capabilities with air and marine law enforcement,surveillance and airspace security authorities.

The initiative at the Northern border is aimed at shutting down contrabandand human smuggling routes as well as criminal networks that operate along theU.S.-Canada border.

At full capacity, the Plattsburgh AMB will consist of federal law enforcementofficers, pilots, aircrew and mission support personnel from the Office of Airand Marine Operations (AMO). Branch assets include one medium lift helicopter,one light enforcement helicopter, one multi-role enforcement aircraft (PilatusPC-12), one SAFE boat, and one utility boat. The Plattsburgh AMB will conductregular mission patrols and is equipped for rapid incident response.

The Plattsburgh Air Marine Branch adds another layer to Northern bordersecurity. With 35 years experience in air and marine law enforcement andinterdiction, AMO will employ many of the same enforcement and interdictioncapabilities that have been employed for decades along the Southern border,doing so in coordination with U.S. Customs and Border Protection, Canadianauthorities, and U.S. state and local law enforcement.

New Multi-Role Enforcement Aircraft and SAFE Boat for Northern BorderShowcased

At the ceremony today, ICEs AMO showcased the newest addition to its fleetof more than 130 aircraft. The Pilatus (PC-12) is a sophisticated single-engineturbo-prop aircraft that will replace the aging C-12 aircraft currently inAMOs fleet.

Equipped with an extensive sensor package, the new Pilatus has short-fieldtake-off and landing capabilities enabling it to deploy rapidly and operatesafely in remote areas. For these reasons, the aircraft is particularly wellsuited for the northern border. As part of its interdiction and border securityefforts, AMO will be deploying the Pilatus at the five sites along the Canadianborder.

With a crew of three, the new Pilatus can fly at 270 knots at an altitude of30,000 feet and with a range of 2,260 miles. The aircraft will substantiallyenhance the effectiveness and efficiency of AMO operations by reducing operatingcosts, and by providing increased mission versatility, including airinterdiction, aerial surveillance, and logistical support.

AMO added SAFE Boats to its fleet beginning in 2003. SAFE Boats, manufacturedin Port Orchard, Washington are fabricated marine-grade aluminum hull vessels,with polyethylene closed cell foam collar. This provides the stability and thebuoyancy of a ridged hull inflatable, with an unmatched durability and safetyfactor.

It is a full-sided boat, with a collar system that cannot deflate andendanger the crew. These features make iteal for performing missions in roughseas and in areas congested with waterborne debris. Built with a protectivecabin area, the vessel has heat and air to protect the crews from the elements.Equipped with three outboard motors, the SAFE boat will enhance AMOs abilityto interdict waterborne threats transiting the waters of the Northeast region.