GEOMET receives NFPA 1994, Class 2 certification from Safety Equipment Institute (SEI) for DTAPS Level B coverall ensemble

Germantown, MD, 26 April 2004. GEOMET receives NFPA 1994, 2 certification from Safety Equipment Institute (SEI) for the DTAPS® Level B coverall ensemble. The DTAPS® (Disposable Toxicological Agent Protective System) Level B system is the first in the industry to be certified as an NFPA 1994, 2 ensemble.

The DTAPS® Level B coverall ensemble is a fully integrated and CW agent tested protective system that includes a coverall suit, a reusable chemical splash hood, boots, and breathing system. The complete NFPA 1994, 2 certified DTAPS® ensemble is available exclusively from GEOMET (system P/N 75-000).

DTAPS® is a new concept in modular, integrated systems that provides a one-stop shopping approach for the military, civilian first responders, and the medical community. The DTAPS® family consists of five separate, fully integrated and tested modular personal protection equipment systems. Each system incorporates the latest technologies for sealing, material impermeability, and NIOSH approved breathing systems to maximize user protection against chemical and biological agents.

The DTAPS® family of personal protective equipment solves the costly problem of integrating a wide variety of components (suits, masks, gloves, and boots) into a truly workable, safe, and effective system. The DTAPS® design totally eliminates the need to use "duct tape" or "chem tape,” making the system a more reliable and flexible solution to customers’ needs.

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security recently adopted a number of standards concerning personal protective equipment for first responders, one of which is NFPA 1994. These standards were specifically developed to enhance the safety of first responders during CBRN incidents. The standards provide guidelines to help state and local procurement officials equip emergency personnel with the best available protective gear.

NFPA 1994, Standard on Protective Ensembles for Chemical/Biological Terrorism Incidents, will help fire and emergency services personnel select the proper personal protective equipment to use when conducting assessment, extrication, rescue, triage, and treatment operations at domestic terrorism incidents involving dual-use industrial chemicals, chemical terrorism agents, or biological terrorism agents. A 2 ensemble protects fire & emergency services personnel at C/B terrorism incidents where it is necessary to provide sufficient vapor protection for the intended operation, where direct contact with liquid droplets is probable, and where victims are symptomatic but not able to walk.

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