Homeland Security Establishes Its First Government "Think Tank"

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Analytic Services Incorporated (ANSER) Named to Operate the HomelandSecurity Institute

For Immediate ReleasePress OfficeContact:  202-282-8010April 23, 2004

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security's Science and Technology Directoratetoday announced that Analytic Services Incorporated (ANSER) has been selected tooperate the Homeland Security Institute, which is the Department's firstFederally Funded Research and Development Center (FFRDC).  The Institutewill provide independent analysis on a variety of issues related to securing thehomeland.  This FFRDC will particularly focus on those matters involvingpolicy and security where scientific, technical, and analytical expertise isrequired such as those in the extremely complex threat and vulnerabilityassessment areas.  

"On behalf of Secretary Ridge, we are pleased to be able to quicklyestablish not only the first Homeland Security FFRDC, but also the first newgovernment FFRDC in nearly a decade," said Dr. Charles E. McQueary, UnderSecretary, Science and Technology.  "This is a critical step that willensure Homeland Security and other federal, state and local agencies working onissues related to our mission have access to an independent resource that uses acomplex systems engineering approach."

Following a full and open competition procurement process conducted byScience and Technology, the Institute funding levels may be nearly $130 millionover the next four and one-half years.  ANSER was chosen from a field ofseven proposers that were evaluated by a team of scientific and technicalexperts from within the Federal government as well as the private sector.  Eachproposal was evaluated against four basic criteria that included management andtechnical approach, past performance/past experience, subcontracting, cost andfinancial capability.

 "ANSER's selection is a tribute to our long-standing dedication topublic service as well as our early focus on the need for new strategies andcapabilities to secure the homeland," said Dr. Ruth David, President andCEO of ANSER.  "We offered the leadership vision, the corporatecommitment, and the demonstrated expertise to build the Institute needed by theDepartment."

The Institute will operate at the highest levels of ification as theyconduct a variety of studies that could range from a 30-day analysis to arigorous long-range study of 12 months or more.  The Institute will play akey role in providing critical analysis and decision support, and assessing,analyzing, and mitigating homeland security threats, vulnerabilities, and risks. 

The full spectrum of analyses includes operational assessments, systemsevaluations, technology assessments, and resources and support analyses willreflect an integrated systems approach aimed at helping Homeland Security setpriorities and guide investments.  

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security's Science and TechnologyDirectorate serves as the primary research and development arm of theDepartment, utilizing our nation's scientific and technological resources toprovide federal, state and local officials with the technology and capabilitiesto protect the homeland.