Markland Awarded Patent for New Gas Plasma Antenna Technology Designed for Homeland Security and Military Applications

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RIDGEFIELD, Conn., Apr 14, 2004 - Markland Technologies, Inc. (OTCBB: MRKL- http://www.marklandtech.com), an integrated homeland security company, announced today that its gas plasma research team has been awarded US patent # 6,710,746 for a gas plasma antenna element demonstrating re-configurable length. A gas-plasma antenna could revolutionize antenna technology due to its unique benefits over traditional antennas. A plasma antenna operates with greater stealth, has the ability to dynamically transmit/receive multiple frequencies, and is extremely portable.

The company intends to direct its research toward applications for Military and Homeland Security. This includes applications such as secure broadband wireless communications and stealth radar. The development of this technology has been funded to date through Small Business Innovative Research grants from the US Navy and Army.

The US patent awarded to Markland relates to plasma antennas having re-configurable length, beamwidth, and bandwidth. Traditionally, antennas have been defined as metallic devices for radiating or receiving radio waves, or as a conducting wire, which is sized to emit radiation at one or more selected frequencies. As a result, the paradigm for antenna design has heretofore been focused on antenna geometry and physical dimensions. Markland's innovative gas plasma antenna patent portfolio changes the paradigm, as it is now possible to design antennas which have greater flexibility and security than conventional antennas.

Markland CEO Robert Tarini stated, "We anticipate that our Gas Plasma Antenna (GPA) intellectual property portfolio will provide a revolutionary new set of advanced capabilities to the Department of Defense and Department of Homeland Security as they endeavor to deal with an ever changing landscape of challenges. Our plan for the GPA technology is to transition it from its present stage of development, where we have multiple active government funded contracts for advanced research programs, to the next stage, where we hope to be awarded product development contracts to commercialize the technology."

About Markland Technologies

Markland Technologies, Inc is committed to helping secure America by providing innovative emerging technologies and expert services to meet the country's needs to protect our people, our borders and our infrastructure assets. The Company is a Board member of the Homeland Security Industries Association (http://www.hsianet.org).

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