Microsensor Systems, Inc. Enters Distribution Agreement with Mine Safety Appliances

Bowling Green, KY – 2 Apr, 2004 – Microsensor Systems, Inc. (MSI), a leading producer of advanced detectors for toxic chemicals, has entered into an exclusive distribution agreement with Mine Safety Appliances (MSA) of Pittsburgh, PA. The agreement provides MSA with exclusive rights to sell the HAZMATCAD™ product line in North America. MSA is a premier supplier of personnel protective equipment and instrumentation for first responders.

HAZMATCAD™ was developed solely to meet the unique needs of our nation’s first responders. MSI’s single-minded focus distinguishes the HAZMATCAD™ from its competition in the marketplace. This state-of-the-art detection capability fully complements MSA’s equipment offering by providing one-stop-shopping for all the tools essential to the First Responder.

With nearly 20 years experience developing and manufacturing Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) chemical detection instrumentation, MSI specifically designed the hand-held HAZMATCADTM detectors to provide rapid, accurate and highly selective trace detection of Chemical Warfare Agents (CWA) and Toxic Industrial Chemicals (TICs) in real-world environments.

HAZMATCADTM detectors will continue to be produced and supported by MSI at its Bowling Green, Kentucky facility.

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