MSAs new FireHawk Air Mask a Standout With New Carrier/Harness & Rescue Belt Make

Pittsburgh, Pa., June 2004 –– Another year, another innovation—make that two innovations—that characterize MSA’s top-performing Air Mask for firefighters. And, firefighters who ask for MSA’s latest and greatest Air Mask will call it a new name: the FireHawk™ Air Mask.

The new FireHawk Air Mask is based on last year’s winning combination of features that defined MSA’s MMR Xtreme® Air Mask, including optional CBRN protection. However, recent improvements and additions make this SCBA an even more valuable part of your personal protective equipment.

The two new SCBA components for 2004--the Airframe™ Carrier and Harness and the optional Rescue Belt--provide impressive new means of safety, simplicity, reliability, comfort and versatility.

1--Airframe Carrier and Harness

  • The all-new Airframe Carrier and Harness comes standard, with large side handles and a central carabiner attachment point for pulling firefighters to safety in rescue scenarios.
  • The first-stage regulator has a sliding bracket that automatically accommodates any size cylinder.
  • An optional 6-way swiveling lumbar pad gives you maximum freedom of movement and comfort during crawling or climbing, thanks to a rubber triangular grommet. It is not stationary, so it accommodates your different body movements while keeping the lumbar pad in position. Although the carrier and harness are completely redesigned, all straps and other soft goods attach in the same way, providing a familiar transition if you already wear MSA.

2--Optional Rescue Belt

  • The new optional Rescue Belt provides an NFPA-compliant emergency egress system as an integral part of the SCBA waist belt.
  • This MSA-exclusive capability consists of 50 or 75 feet of Kevlar line and rappelling hardware, which are stored inside the lumbar pad. When needed, your Rescue Belt is immediately accessible.

For more details, read Bulletin 0105-126, available from your MSA fire service distributor or MSA’s Customer Service at 1-877-MSA-FIRE, or visit www.MSAFIRE.com.