New Literature Announcement from the MSA Safety Products Division

Personal Protection for Homeland Security: A New Guide from MSA

Personal Protectionfor Homeland Security: A New Guide from MSA


PITTSBURGH, Pa., April 2002The need for personal protection in the event of aterrorist attack is great, not only for First Responders (firefighters,emergency medical services, law enforcement), but also for local, State, andFederal government employees; construction and utility workers; volunteers; infact, anyone who is in the disaster area.


MSA addresses the need for and use of Personal ProtectiveEquipment (PPE) for Homeland Security in an attractive new 18-page productbulletin. The Homeland Securitytopic is divided into four key activity phases: Readiness, Response, Rescue,and Recovery. Accenting the pages are photos and quotations related to siteson which terrorists attacked America.


Each phase is brieflydescribed. Readiness is most important: the time to assess, plan, prepare,and train for the event. Response is immediate reaction to an attack.Rescue involves saving victims, and Recovery extends from reclaiming victimsto eventual remediation of the site.


Thumbnail descriptionsof about 70 MSA products cover all levels of respiratory protection, portableinstruments, thermal imaging cameras, fire helmets, head/eye/face/hearingprotection, and rescue equipment. Two pages of product ordering informationlist representative products suitable for use during the phases.


The bulletin is designedfor easy skimming as well as detailed reading. Lessons learned at a December2001 NIOSH conference are briefly addressed. Also included are Web site linksand publications, and information about Weapons of Mass Destruction.


Toorder a copy of Personal Protection for Homeland Security, call MSA CustomerService at 1-800-MSA-2222, or contact your distributor. Ask for Bulletin5555-160-MC. MSAs Web site is http://www.MSAnet.com/.