SUNNYVALE,Calif. - July 8, 2003 -RAE Systems, (OTC BB: RAEE.OB) a leading provider ofhazardous environment detection solutions for homeland defense, today announcedthat the HAZMAT / Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) response team in ColeCounty, Missouri has purchased RAE Systems' ten thousandth MultiRAE in additionto wireless AreaRAE and ppbRAE gas detection instruments to assess and monitorpotentially hazardous environments that occur as a result of hazardousmaterials accidents or terrorist events.


"Theresponsibility to protect our citizens is a serious one," said MichaelRackers, chief of the Cole County Emergency Response Team (C-CERT) "As theevents in Oklahoma City in 1995 proved, our location in the heartland of theU.S. is no guarantee of immunity from terrorism. RAE Systems' hazardousenvironment sensors will play a key role in our efforts to respond to andsecure those situations when an incident does occur." 


C-CERTsupports first responders across a seven county area, and has frequently beencalled to assess and secure the sites of petroleum spills related to the heavyvolume of railroad traffic that passes through the region. Recently, however,the department has responded to more than 187 anthrax calls over a three- monthperiod.


"TheCole County purchase is notable in that it marks the 10,000th MultiRAE unitsold to municipal, local and state agencies tasked with protecting thepublic," said Bob Durstenfeld, director of marketing for RAE Systems."The only difference between a terrorist event and a HAZMAT incident isintent, and in those first seconds of a response, it's absolutely critical thatthe personnel on the scene have as much information as possible about thehazards they are facing. We're proud to partner with agencies such as the ColeCounty HAZMAT team to help ensure the safety of those who protect us."


RAESystems fixed systems, deployable ad hoc networks and personal pervasivesensing solutions are deployed in government buildings, public venues and amongfirst responder and military groups in all 50 states. The solutions are used todetect and measure a wide variety of dangerous atmospheric contaminants andconditions such as gamma rays, neutrons, combustible chemical and vaporaccumulations, oxygen deficiencies, and toxic chemicals such as carbonmonoxide, hydrogen sulfide, carbon dioxide, and many other commonly encounteredatmospheric hazards.  The company'spatented photo-ionization detector technology allows dependable, linear,part-per-billion range readings for many toxic chemicals and vapors that areeffectively undetectable by any other means. 





AboutRAE Systems

RAESystems Inc. is the leader in rapidly deployable sensing networks for homelanddefense and a leading manufacturer of portable, wireless and fixed atmosphericmonitors, photo-ionization detectors, radiation detectors, gas detection tubes,sampling pumps and security monitoring devices.  Our customers use our products to monitor gas and othervolatile organic compounds in confined spaces, to establish a perimetersecurity around hazardous material sites and to detect the illicit traffic ofradioactive materials.  RAESystems' customers operate in such industries as safety and security, oil andgas, pharmaceuticals, utilities, food, chemical, airlines, military andhazardous material storage and disposal, and its monitors are used in civilianand government atmospheric monitoring programs in over 50 countries.  For more information about RAE Systems,please visit http://www.RAESystems.com/

RAE Systems extends reach into america's heartland, pruchase by cole county, Mo marks 10,000 multirae sold