SUNNYVALE,Calif. - July 1, 2003 -RAE Systems, (OTC BB: RAEE.OB) a leading provider of hazardousenvironment detection solutions for homeland defense, today announced two newequipment programs designed to support America's first responder community. Theprograms offer four-year unconditional replacement of its hazardous environmentsensors and a two-tier maintenance and repair plan.


 "We think that first respondershave enough things to worry about, and their equipment shouldn't be one ofthem," said Bob Chen, CEO of RAE Systems. "Our equipment is ruggedand built to withstand extreme conditions, but the field environment around aHAZMAT spill or terrorist event is stressful and dangerous. Units can bephysically damaged, and our programs provide replacement and repair optionsthat help first responders control costs and better manage equipmentmaintenance."   


TheGuaranteed Cost of Ownership Program covers repair and replacement of any andall elements in a RAE unit-battery, sensors, lamps, pumps, and all internalcomponents-for four years from the date of purchase of the unit. Also includedis a once-a-year annual maintenance program. The Guaranteed Cost of Ownershipprogram must be purchased within one year of the purchase of the unit, and thecost depends on the RAE model. Typically, the service agreement runsapproximately 25 percent of the original purchase price.   


"Thecost is about the same as the components you would be expected to buy over afour-year period," said RAE Systems' Michael Vaggione, Director ofService. "The advantage is that it covers the cost of any items that typicallyhave to be replaced, but it also covers all repairs that may beneeded."   


Under theOne Price for Service Program, customers can have a unit repaired that is nolonger under warranty at a single fixed price for any and all repairs to theunit other than sensors and/or the PID lamp. The program also has an option toinclude sensors and the PID lamp. This program offers an expedited turnaroundtime, first priority for service, and the peace of mind of a fixed price forall repairs after a unit is out of warranty.   


"Theminimum repair cost for any item on any unit is $150.00, while the averagerepair price with sensors has been about $550.00. The average cost of our oneprice repair program is $350.00 without sensors and $500.00 with sensors, andwe also will recalibrate everything in the unit," Vaggione said.   


Customerscan purchase both programs through RAE sales managers or RAE distributors, orthey can call RAE Systems toll-free for more information at 1-888-723-4800, from7 a.m. to 5 p.m. PST.    




About RAESystems RAE Systems Inc. is the leader in rapidly deployable sensing networksfor homeland defense and a leading manufacturer of portable, wireless and fixedatmospheric monitors, photo-ionization detectors, radiation detectors, gasdetection tubes, sampling pumps and security monitoring devices.  Our customers use our products tomonitor gas and other volatile organic compounds in confined spaces, toestablish a perimeter security around hazardous material sites and to detectthe illicit traffic of radioactive materials.  RAE Systems' customers operate in such industries as safetyand security, oil and gas, pharmaceuticals, utilities, food, chemical,airlines, military and hazardous material storage and disposal, and itsmonitors are used in civilian and government atmospheric monitoring programs inover 50 countries.  For moreinformation about RAE Systems, please visit http://www.RAESystems.com/