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SUNNYVALE, Calif.-September 16, 2003-RAE Systems, (AMEX:RAE), a leading provider of hazardous environment detection solutions, today announced that Petroecuador, the state-run oil company of Ecuador, has chosen RAE Systems to monitor potential hazards such as hydrogen sulfide, sulfur dioxide, carbon monoxide as well as lower explosive limit (LEL) thresholds for a variety of toxic gases in the company's drilling and production operations.

According to Petroecuador, the drilling environment is a dangerous one, especially offshore, and the safety of their workers is important as they explore new territories that are increasingly distant and complex. They turned to RAE Systems' proven technologies to ensure that they can monitor and respond to any environmental toxic gas that might be produced during operations.

The MultiRAE Plus product adopted by Petroecuador is a handheld five gas monitor with the capability to simultaneously read and display combustible gas levels, oxygen and two toxic gases. It incorporates a photoionization detector (PID) for detecting toxic levels of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), for the most complete protection in potentially hazardous environments. The Multi RAE Plus' versatility enables it to replace a wide range of monitors, saving money on additional equipment purchases, training and maintenance costs.

"The development and export of petroleum is important to the economy of Ecuador, and we are pleased to play a role in helping Petroecuador to ensure safe working conditions and improved output," said Robert Chen, CEO of RAE Systems. "RAE Systems hazardous environment detection product will not only help to protect workers in drilling environments and refineries where confined space entry and toxic gases are a fact of life."

About RAE Systems RAE Systems Inc. is a smart sensing network platform and solution provider and a leading manufacturer of single and multiple sensor atmospheric monitors, photo-ionization detectors, radiation detectors, gas detection tubes, sampling pumps and wirelessly connected gas detection and security monitoring devices. RAE Systems' products and services are designed to enable our customers to monitor gas and other volatile organic compounds in confined spaces, and to establish a perimeter security around hazardous material sites and sites of weapons of mass destruction. RAE Systems' customers operate in such industries as safety and security, oil and gas, pharmaceuticals, utilities, food, chemical, airlines, military and hazardous material storage and disposal, and its monitors are used in civilian and government atmospheric monitoring programs in over 50 countries. For more information about RAE Systems, please visit www.RAESystems.com