DHS Launches Protected Critical Infrastructure Information Program to Enhance Homeland Security, Facilitate Information Sharing

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security announced the launch of the Protected Critical Infrastructure Information (PCII) Program that enables the private sector to voluntarily submit infrastructure information to the Federal government

Secretary of Homeland Security Tom Ridge Announces the Significant Steps in Enhancing Border Security Along the Mexican Border

Secretary of Homeland Security Tom Ridge and the Mexican Secretary of the Interior Santiago Creel today agreed on significant border safety and security initiatives in bilateral meetings in Mexico City.

U.S. Department of Homeland Security Partners with DOD "EMall"

The DOD EMALL is an Internet-based marketplace that allows purchasers to access DoD's wide variety of vendors and catalogs and enhances DHS' ability to provide a one-stop shopping experience to acquire the goods and services needed to support DHS' mission

USFA Advocates Development of Incident Management Teams

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)announced a training "roadmap" for the Nation's fire and emergency services that wish to develop local and regional/metropolitan Incident Management Teams.

Homelanddefensestocks.com Reports on the Biodefense Sector

Following Discovery of Ricin; Chemical and Biological Agent Detector Stocks Attract Investor Attention

Response Biomedical Joins Forces With General Dynamics To Pursue Global Biodefense Markets

aimed at integrating the Response Biomedical RAMP System into General Dynamics Canada's 4WARN System to meet the real-time biological agent surveillance needs of the military and homeland security agencies worldwide

Kidde Fire Trainers-launched

Symtron Systems inc., Symtron GmbH, ICS International Code Services, and IFTE International Fire Training Equipment Limited are now offering their products under the name Kidde Fire Trainers"

Markland Anticipates Licensing Acoustic Core(tm) Illicit Materials Detection Technology for Homeland Security Applications

Emerging Technologies Patent Portfolio to be converted into Royalty Revenue Stream

MSAs ClearCommand HCS Is Effective, Simple, & Easy-to-Use

Simple, & Easy-to-Use Helmet Communications System