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Article Out Loud – Hazmat on the Rail

As the train derailment in East Palestine, Ohio, attracted nationwide attention, emergency preparedness professionals have been taking steps to ensure their first responders have the tools, resources, and training needed to respond to rail incidents involving hazardous materials within their jurisdictions. This resource will help meet these preparedness objectives.

Hazmat on the Rail

Since February 3, 2023, following the train derailment in East Palestine, Ohio, the public has closely followed reports and commentary by media outlets and elected officials. This incident has become more controversial and publicized than others in recent years and has caused a public outcry for change.

Training Challenge – Choosing the Best Learning Approach

One responder sits in a room listening to an instructor and discussing key concepts and issues with other participants. Another responder sits at a computer during odd hours going through tutorials and posting on discussion groups. Although both types of trainings are effective, the deciding factors between instructor-led, web-based, or

FINAL REPORT: Planned Special Events – When Things Go Wrong

Deadly incidents such as the Boston Marathon bombings have raised many concerns among special event planners, emergency managers, and first responders. When an incident occurs at the site of a planned event, which usually has many moving parts, the challenges can become overwhelming. This report goes beyond special event planning

Incident Gridlock – Overwhelming a City

The U.S. Federal Highway Administration concluded in 2007 that there is a weakness in the infrastructure’s ability to handle the movement of people following a natural or manmade disaster. The 2013 Boston Marathon bombings serve as a prime example of how transportation facilities and government agencies manage complex incidents that

Enhancing Zones to Protect the Emergency Responder

The top priority of the responders who are called to a fire or other incident, of course, is scene safety. To reduce the chances of those responders becoming victims themselves, fire departments should communicate and work closely with law enforcement agencies to better understand the perimeters and resources that the

Developing & Deploying Multi-Use Technologies

With the high cost of creating new technologies and the budget restraints of those who will be using the products, it is critical that developers, policy makers, and end users are all involved in each phase of the development process. A unified approach for developing an adaptable multi-use technology will

New WMD Concerns: Many Questions, But Few Answers

It is understandable that the end of the Cold War led not only to a relaxation of global tensions but also, to an alarming degree, to a less vigilant attitude about the major, complex, and increasingly dangerous threat posed by Syria, Iran, Libya, and other nations in various areas of

Law Enforcement Training for the Active Shooter

By following the training and preparedness efforts practiced in Israel, the United States can move toward a cohesive national strategized approach to provide line officers the ability to look beyond the single incident before them. However, individual responders also must take the initiative needed to develop and advance their own capabilities and training

All-Hazards Planning for Special Events

To avoid a recipe for disaster, the following prescription is recommended for all-hazards preparedness: two-thirds planning and one-third execution. Anything and everything can happen at a special event in communities throughout the nation, so the advance planning and training should reflect that fact.


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Article Out Loud – Citizen Soldiers and American State Defense Forces

By JAMES P. HOWARD Ⅱ, An Article Out Loud from the Domestic Preparedness, September 06, 2023.Targeted-violent events threaten staff and students’ physical, psychological, and emotional well-being in public schools. However, the increasing frequency of these incidents raises concerns about the preparedness of incoming teachers and current staff to handle such

Article Out Loud – Bioterrorism – Could Smallpox Return?

Although smallpox was eradicated from its human population and reservoir, it is still in designated stockpiles controlled by two nations and possibly in other unknown locations. Learn about the possible threat and the need for greater preparedness and discussion.


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