Featured in this issue: CBRNE: Warnings Heard, But Not Heeded!, By Richard Schoeberl; The Complex Biology of Chemical Threats, By Diana Hopkins; U.S. National Security: Does the Industrial Base Still Matter?, By Stephen V. Reeves; CBRNE Preparedness – The Necessary Prerequisites, By Steven Grainer; When High-Tech Fails: Back to Plan B, By Joseph Cahill; Implementing the National Health Security Strategy, By Craig Vanderwagen; Tailoring an Emergency Operations Plan, By Raphael Barishansky & Audrey Masurek; Future Chemical Challenges: Common Operating Picture Needed to Manage Common Problems, By Michael E. Forgey; Public Works Emergency Management – From Training to Reality, By David Geary & Tracy Fessler; Concepts of Information Sharing and Interoperability, By John Contestabile; Finding Comfort Around the World, By Catherine Feinman; and New Jersey, Ohio, Alaska & Georgia, By Adam McLaughlin



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