CDR Melissa Sanders, RD, Branch Chief, Hospital Bioterrorism Preparedness, Health Resources and Services (HRSA)

In most fields, basic training is part of the learning process. Fire, law enforcement, the military, and other disciplines have training academies for building competencies and testing new recruits. An exception to these types of requirements is the field of emergency management. This new training academy will ensure that all emergency managers are trained to the same standards regardless how much boots-on-the-ground experience they bring with them.

The National Information Exchange Model

The new NIEM standard provides a much-needed solution to the problems caused when many agencies at all levels of government respond to the same incident, but do not speak the same language.

Can U.S. Defeat the Suicide/Homicide-Bomber Threat?

U.S. law-enforcement agencies at all levels of government are gearing up to deal with a possibly nationwide outbreak of terrorist attacks similar to those that have already terrified London, Madrid, Bali, Mumbai, and – most of all – Baghdad.

CBRNE: Beyond the Coast Guard Strike Teams

The Coast Guard men and women on the scene 24/7 throughout the U.S. maritime domain are the service’s true front-line forces in the prevention of CBRNE attacks. They need more and better equipment, though, and a lot more training. Starting yesterday.

Pro and Con, Yea and Nay - Experts' Dialogue on the New HICS Guidebook

A Point-Counterpoint discussion of California’s new Hospital Incident Command System Guidebook, its strengths and weaknesses, its applicability to the “business” of medicine in the United States, and how it can be used to deal with real-life scenarios.

Midterm Elections - Change Is Certain

Preparedness to protect and respond against natural and man-made disasters still remains paramount. How will first responders, public health and borders/ports fare under new Congressional leadership? Will there be outreach or gridlock?

CBRNE Incidents - The Role of the Firefighter

From Nero’s time to the present, the firefighter’s primary mission has been to put out the fire. When weapons of mass destruction are added to the matrix, that mission becomes much more difficult and, not incidentally, much more lethal as well.
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