Brigadier General Simon Perry, Israel National Police

Perry, now serving as his country’s deputy police attaché to North America, discusses the many ways in which Israel and the United States are working and training together, primarily through a law-enforcement exchange program.

Privatizing War? PMCs: The Invisible Force Multiplier

Following the constitutional precedent established by the issuance of Letters of Marque and Reprisal, PMCs contributions may become critical to success on the Global War on Terrorism. Will the question of legality withstand the test?

The IED Problem: Solutions On Display, and On the Way

Improvised explosive devices have already caused more than 16,000 casualties, and the number is growing almost every day. Front-line commanders joined forces with industry leaders to discuss & develop workable anti-IED systems.

Terrorism: The Cyberspace Battleground

Yesterday’s hackers have become today’s cyber criminals, & tomorrow could be cyber terrorists. Technology marches on, providing new opportunities both for human progress and for those fixated on destroying Western civilization and the infidel economy.

Chemical Nerve Agents: A 24/7 Threat

Organophosphorous insecticides, low-cost & readily available at local garden shops, could be the WMD of choice for tomorrow’s terrorists. Antidotes are available, but are under lock & key far from the scene of a likely incident of national significance.

A Note from the Publisher, 7 June 06

DPJ departs from its planned schedule as and when needed to provide some high-level insights and background information on fast-breaking news issues of immediate interest.
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