The Next Big Thing

Featured in this issue: Superstorm Amplifies Need for Power Grid Modernization, By J. Michael Barrett; Emergency Management in 2013, By James Lee Witt; An Interview With The Honorable Paul McHale, By Aaron Sean Poynton; From Risk to Resilience: A Social Enterprise Model, By Timothy L. Tinker; Extraordinary Care: A Case Study for the Future, By Joseph Cahill; Integrating Support for Real-Time Response Success, By Craig Crume; The Future of Data Clouds, By Marko Bourne; Partnering to Create Reliable Medical Countermeasures Capabilities, By Daniel J. Abdun-Nabi; New WMD Concerns: Many Questions, But Few Answers, By Glen Rudner; Resilience Principles: The Search for Optimum Combinations, By Scott Jackson; Additional Uses for Chemical Warfare Agent Detectors, By Christopher Wrenn; and DomPrep Action Plan – Building Resilient Regions for a Secure and Resilient Nation, By William H. Austin



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