Resilience-Based CI and Domestic Preparedness: A Long-Overdue Imperative

For decades preparedness leaders have known and publicly warned about the rapidly growing and metastasizing threats to and exploitable vulnerabilities of U S critical infrastructure CI Ongoing iterations of the 1990s era CI status quo i e cybersecurity and protection focused efforts have proven no match for the existing much

The Missing Plague Vials

A true story of missing bubonic plague vials an airport bomb threat and other suspicious activities again demonstrate continued national and homeland security vulnerabilities and threats Perspectives may differ but the concerns are real and provide an opportunity to learn and prepare

Dungeons and Disasters: Gamification of Public Health Responses

New technologies offer new ways to train personnel and exercise public health responses like COVID 19 and prepare response agencies for many other threats and hazards Gamification integrates realistic scenarios in a controlled environment that can enhance community capabilities and build interagency collaboration and coordination Learn more about this training

Interoperability During Mass Casualty Incidents

During a mass casualty incident response agencies must be able to communicate in real time This means that interoperability plans need to include everyone involved in the response One lesson learned from past incidents is that hospitals are an often overlooked responder Learn what one agency is doing to close

The Evolution of Homeland Security Higher Education

After the terrorist attacks on September 11 2001 homeland security education expanded to ensure that local state tribal territorial and federal agencies had the tools they needed to combat these threats This academic leader shares how homeland security programs change to meet new challenges and evolving threats

April 2024 Eclipse – Moving From Planning Into Operations

On April 8 2024 the path of the total solar eclipse will cross much of the middle section of the United States from Mexico to Canada As solar eclipse groups move from planning to operations find out how emergency preparedness and response professionals can provide guidance to their community partners

Support and Planning Inside 911 Centers

In an emergency call 911 This simple instruction is easy to remember but many do not know about the people training and technology required to make this lifesaving tool available 24 7 Learn about what happens inside the four walls of an emergency communications center and the strategic planning every

Amateurs of Action – The Women of Radio

Volunteers are transforming emergency preparedness with an inclusive diverse movement of impactful community engagement Explore the inspiring stories of some remarkable women breaking barriers and building resilient communication networks in the heart of amateur radio

Executive Function: The Crisis Leader’s Edge in a High-Pressure World

Disaster management and leadership in a fast paced and complex world demands more than technical skills and knowledge By understanding how the brain works and the role that executive function plays crisis leaders can be better equipped to make tough decisions and lead effectively under the toughest pressures

Nation-State Activity in the Age of Artificial Intelligence and Quantum Computing

The development of artificial intelligence and quantum computing has exploded in recent years However as many countries find new ways to leverage these technologies for the public good some are leveraging them for geopolitical influence cyberattacks and other nefarious reasons Find out what measures could protect against threats as these

A Holistic Approach to Cybersecurity Risk

Cybersecurity is a core business process that involves the entire organization or agency So it should not be brushed off as an IT thing A cybersecurity state coordinator for CISA explains how the continuity of government and operations depends on a collaborative approach

Protecting Infrastructure – Cyber, Physical, and EMP Attacks

Imagine 3 500 spiders each with their own style getting together to create a giant web That s how this author describes the U S power grid and the complexities related to protecting the nation s critical infrastructure from cyber physical and electromagnetic pulse attacks


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