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FACT SHEET: Biden-⁠Harris Administration Releases National Security Memorandum to Strengthen the Security and Resilience of U.S. Food and Agriculture

President Joe Biden signed National Security Memorandum 16 NSM 16 to strengthen the security and resilience of United States food and agriculture The National Security Memorandum builds on the Biden Harris Administration s ongoing work to ensure that American families have access to safe affordable food that America s producers

TSA Issues New Cybersecurity Requirements for Passenger and Freight Railroad Carriers

The Transportation Security Administration TSA announced a new cybersecurity security directive regulating designated passenger and freight railroad carriers The announcement demonstrates the Biden Harris Administration s commitment to strengthening U S critical infrastructure cybersecurity Building on the TSA s work to bolster defenses in other transportation modes this security directive

S&T Launches New Training Guideline for Detection Canine Teams

The Department of Homeland Security Science and Technology Directorate S 038 T announced a new interactive training tool for handlers and trainers of explosive detection canines to upgrade their capabilities to Person Borne Explosives Detection

DHS Releases Recommendations to Protect National Public Warning System from EMPs

The Department of Homeland Security DHS released a report on operational approaches to protect the National Public Warning System from an electromagnetic pulse EMP The report is a collaborative effort between the DHS Science and Technology Directorate the Federal Emergency Management Agency Integrated Public Alert and Warning System Program and

FEMA Releases First-Ever National Tribal Strategy

FEMA released a national tribal strategy 8212 the agency s first ever 8212 to better address its responsibilities to federally recognized tribal nations when responding to and preparing for disasters affecting tribal lands

DHS Establishes New Office of Health Security 

The U S Department of Homeland Security DHS established the Office of Health Security a new office that will serve as the principal medical workforce health and safety and public health authority for DHS


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