U.S. Department of Homeland Security and Homeownership Alliance Release Emergency Preparedness Guide for Homeowners

"The Emergency Preparedness Guide gives homeowners practical measures they can take now to prepare themselves, their families, and their homes for any possible emergencies," said Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge.

Senator Frist Urges Support for Bioterrorism Preparedness Act

no longer a question of "if" there would be a bioterrorist attack, but "when, where, and how."

Fact Sheet: DHS Provides Security for Presidential Inaugural 2005

DHS has been working with federal, state and local partners to ensure attendees to the 55th Presidential Inaugural Ceremonies are able to safely and securely enjoy one of the greatest celebrations in American democracy.

Port of Marseilles to Implement the Container Security Initiative and to Begin to Target and Pre-Screen Cargo Destined for U.S.

Under the Container Security Initiative, CBP has entered into bi-lateral partnerships to identify high-risk cargo containers and to pre-screen them before they are loaded on vessels destined for the United States. Today, governments representing 21 countr

President Nominates Michael Chertoff as Secretary of Homeland Security

President Bush nominated Michael Chertoff to replace Tom Ridge as the head of the Department of Homeland Security when Ridge steps down on February 1, 2005.

Battle-proven MICH Communication System join new MSA Police Line

Your MICH System will protect your hearing while enabling clear radio/intercom communications and situational awareness on the job.

Secretary of Homeland Security Tom Ridge Visits New FAST Lane at Calexico

FAST is an expedited clearance program for known low-risk cargo shipments through which Mexico and the United States have agreed to harmonize processes for clearance of commercial shipments in accordance with the U.S.-Mexico Border Partnership Declaration

EAI Corporation awarded contract to build a prototype of PHILIS for DHS (HSARPA)

PHILISA is a system designed for high sample throughput, with accuracy and precision

RAE Systems Launches PlumeRAE, Integrated Decision Support Solution for First Responders

RAE Systems Inc. announced today the launch of PlumeRAE, a unique new portable plume measurement and prediction system that enables first responders to rapidly track airborne clouds of gas and other toxic materials.

Department of Homeland Security Selects the University of Maryland to Lead New Homeland Security Center of Excellence for Behavioral and Social Research on Terrorism and Counter-Terrorism

The research and development focus of this new Homeland Security Center of Excellence will span both international and domestic issues.